Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manufacture of pan flutes. 'Are'are people, Solomon Islands. Photos by Hugo Zemp.


Janas said...

Images scanned from the book "Instruments de Musique du Monde - Editions de la Martiniére, 2000" by Lucie Rault.

bolingo69 said...

Very nice pictures! Thank you! I think I have an LP someplace with the flutes of Are'are. I'll take a look, maybe it was on Arion. I forgot...
Great book it seems!

Janas said...

Hi, Bolingo!

Do you mean perhaps this one? "Are'are - Flutes De Pan Mélanésiennes - Malaita - Solomon Islands - Vol. 1"



Also, I know that there is 2 x CD Album of 'Are'are music published in 1994 by Le Chant Du Monde and realized by Hugo Zemp.

read this




bolingo69 said...

Thank you Janas!

That is exactly the ones I was thinking of. Did not know about the CD release. And yes it was 3 volumes and they are all on the 2 CD's it seems.

The clouds have dissipated ...

vaubu said...

Fascinating peeks. I really like what you do over here at CHAUDRON!

Janas said...

Vaubu, thank you for your visit, I'm glad you follow my blog.