Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moon Stories - Illustrations by Uta Glauber

1. In the moonlit night, a grandfather tells to his grandsons the moon's legends.

2. According to Kepler, the inhabitants of the moon can live in deep water.

3. The Man in the Moone by Francis Godwin - Domingo Gonsales flies to the moon.

4. Baron Munchausen climb up a beanstalk to the moon to retrieve his silver axe.

5. Orlando Furioso (The Frenzy of Orlando) - Astolfo return from a trip to the moon.

6. The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi) By Alessandro Manzoni.
The lake lay smooth and flat, and would have seemed motionless, were it not for the trembling and wavering image of the moon mirrored in the water from the firmament above.

7. The Owl and the Moon.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wine Vessels and other Bronzes

Ten Bronzes Pieces from the Shanghai Museum Collections

1. Bronze fish-shaped flat hu (wine vessel) - Western Han dynasty (206 B. C — 8 A. D.) - Height: 31.8 cm.

2. Bronze lin (wine vessel) marked Chung Yi Fu - Late Western Chou dynasty (9th century B. C.) - Height: 44 cm.

3. Bronze chih (wine vessel) to worship Father Keng - Early Western Chou dynasty (11th—lOth century B.C.) - Height: 14.9 cm.

4. Bronze chueh (wine vessel) marked Ya Chi - Late Shang dynasty (I4th—11th century B.C.) - Height: 20.1 cm.

5. Bronze kung (wine vessel) to worship Father Yi - Late Shang dynasty (I4th—11th century B.C.) - Height: 29.5 cm.

6. Square Bronze tsun (wine vessel) marked Kuei Ku - Early Western Chou dynasty (11th—lOth century B.C.) -Height: 21.8 cm.

7. Bronze bell (musical instrument) marked Liu - Late Spring and Autumn Period (6th century—476 B. C.) - Height: 25.6 cm.

8. Bronze ting (tripod cooking pot) - Late Shang dynasty (I4th—11th century B.C.) - Height: 20.8 cm.

9. Bronze kueu (food container) marked Marquis of Chen - Early Spring and Autumn Period (770—7th century B. C.) - Height: 12.4 cm.

10. Bronze kuei (food container) marked Shih Huan - Late Western Chou dynasty (beginning of 9th century—end of 8th century B. C.) - Height: 27 cm.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Revelation of the Sea

The Revelation of the Sea - Paintings by Pompeo Mariani (1857-1927)

1. The Sea Lover, particular (1897).

2. The Sea Lover (1897).

3. The Sailor's Farewell (1897).

4. Tears of Farewell (1895).

5. The Daring Women (1901).

6. The Stormy Sea (1898).

7. Back From Fishing (1898).

8. Marine (1883).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vibrating air - sounds and signals

1. Michelangelo Pistoletto - performance view of "Le Trombe del Giudizio (The Trumpets of Justice)," Rome (1968). (Pictured: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Maria Poppi).

2. Egypt - Player of large arghul (Arghoul al-Kebir).

3. Syria - Player of Zamr (conical shawm that is called zurna in Turkey).

4. Zurla player (Yugoslavia).

5. Mismar player, Egypt.

6. Surnai player - Bombay.

7. Colombia - a notched flute made of animal bone.

8. Ethiopia - washint player.

9. Alphorn signal for spring - The "tulnic" is a variety of alphorn favoured by young women in western Transylvania.

10. Town crier blowing his small trumpet (Trumbitta da banditore) - Orani, Sardinia, 1958. (photo: Bavagnoli).

11. Kudu horn player, Chad.

12. Two ivory horns adorned with human jaw-bones (Benin. Ahwangbla Voodoo Orchestra).

13. Surle (zurla) players - Prizren, Kosovo (photo by Nico Staiti).

14. Musicians playing the karnay (long trumpets) in a Kyrgyz wedding celebrations. Early twentieth century photo (Le Vie d'Italia).

15. Suona player (Nanchang).