Friday, September 28, 2012

The Wheel and the Smiling Apsara - photos taken in India by Gilbert Etienne.

1. Wheel of the chariot of the sun, 3 metres high. Konarak.

2. Detail of a wheel of the chariot of the sun, Konarak.

3. On the road from Gwalior to Agra, peasants on the way to the festival of Diwali at Morena.

4. Flying figure, Kailasa of Ellora, VIIIth century.

5. Detail of the Rameshwaram cave (No. 21) at Ellora, VIth century (?). The figure on the left represents the river goddess Ganga, on the right a protecting divinity.

6. Reliefs of cave No. 19 at Ajanta. The king and the queen of the snakes (naga) lords of the water.

7. Rameshwaram cave at Ellora, Shiva as Nataraja, king of the dance.

8. Cave temple of Elephanta, end of the VIth century (?). Shiva in his two aspects: masculine and feminine, leaning on his traditional steed, the bull Nandi.

9. Halebid, Mysore, the great Shiva temple. XIIIth century, Hoysala style.

10. Detail of the outer doorway of the temple of Mukteshwara, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, about 975 A.D.

11. Sun Temple, smile of the apsara.

12. Meeting near Debal, Gharwal, Bara Khimanand and his daughter go down to the plain.

13. In the temple of Jembukeshwara, near Shrirangam, group of Brahmins, in the background the entrance to the cella containing the statue of the god and into which non-Hindus may not enter.

14. Statue of the Jain God Mahavir, X-XIth century, Nilkanth, Alwar district.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hand Painted Films

1 - 7. Norman McLaren - hand-painted 35mm film fragments.

8,9. Stan Brakhage - Out-Takes - University of Colorado Boulder (1991) - hand-painted 70mm-IMAX film strips.

10, 11, 12. José Antonio Sistiaga - Ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren (1968-1970) - hand-painted 35mm film fragments.