Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indigenous People of Colombia - Shamanism / Worship of the Dead

1. Two Goajiro musicians, one blowing in a deer skull and the other in a flute.

2. Goajiro man sniffing the Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina).

3. The Goajiro sorcerer isn't afraid by the scolopendra (centipede) poison.

4. The "Kabayana" (shaman) infuses his strenght for a sick.

5. The Kabayana wave his magical leaves bouquet for a sick woman.

6. The fetishes of Kabayana are placed above the altar before which he officiates.

7. Group of Indians surrounding the old priest sorcerer leaning on a stick.

8. Designated by the sorcerer, a woman prepares the "chicha" (a kind of maize beer) which will serve for its intervention with the spirits or "Kay".

9. Páez Indians of Tierra Adentro. Funeral wake.

10. Opogadó, Middle Atrato region. In the absence of a next of kin male, the bones of a dead unearthed at a previous party are wrapped and placed on a branches shelf sheltered under a small roof sheets.

11. A Catio man dig the vault side of the burial pit on the ground.

12. Arhuak village

13. Stone statue. Tierra Adentro region.

14. Prehistoric statue. Tierra Adentro region.