Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Women filling and carrying water

1. Girl filling water jar from a rural fountain in the ground. Transylvania, Romania, 1942.

2. Woman and children at the well - Ubari Oasis (Fezzan,  Libya) - Photo by Magaldi. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.3, march 1938)

3. Women filling water at the source of Danisinni, Palermo - Early 20th century. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.4, january, 1931) 

4. Women filling water jars in the wadi in order to renew their supply of water. Morocco, about 1920-30 - photo Gueugnon.

5. Young girl collect water from a well near Benghazi, Libya. Photo by C. Rimoldi, Bengasi. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.11, november, 1928)

6. Albanian women collect water from the well. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.6, june 1939)

7. Water carrier girl, Albania. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.6, june 1939)

8. Two girls from Mohacs (Baranya region, Hungary) carry water in black jars (1934)

9. Women go to fetch water. High Moulouya, Morocco, about 1920-30. Photo by Gueugnon.

10. Three women carrying water jars. Algeria, about 1920-30. Photo by René Prouho.

11. Little girls with water jars on heads. Desulo, Sardinia. Photo by A. Ferri, Cagliari. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.9, september 1928)

12. Five women with jars on their head. Baunei, Sardinia. (Early 20th century)

13. Little girls with water jars on heads. Axum, Ethiopia. T.C.I photographic archive. (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.7, july 1936)

14. Italian women carrying water jars. Ferentino, Frosinone, 1935. (National Geographic, Marlborough Churchill)

15. Water carrier girl, Naples - Photo by H. Körte (Published in Le Vie d'Italia, n.1, january, 1938)

16. Sardinian woman of Aritzo with water jar on head (early 20th century, photo Alinari)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Botany of the Elsewhere (Lionni's sketchbooks, 1972)

Leo Lionni (Amsterdam, 1910 – Radda in Chianti, 1999) in this work of beautiful charcoal and pencil sketches, creates a taxonomy of fantastic, weird plants. This research was developed and culminated four years later in his book "La botanica parallela" (Parallel Botany), first published in Italy by Adelphi in 1976.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hap Grieshaber- Woodcuts

Helmut Andreas Paul Grieshaber
(Rot an der Rot,  1909 - Reutlingen, 1981)

1. Two characters from the Commedia dell'Arte (Scapino)
(from "the Large Garden"), 1965.

2. Whale Capsizes Boat.
(The Angel of History 21: Stop the whale hunt), 1973.

3. Pan, 1939.

4. Carmina Burana, 1969.

5. Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig, 1964.

6. Arlecchino, 1965.

7. Camel with Saddle Cloth, 1959.

8. First Fall (The Stations of the Cross), 1969.

9. Carl Orff, Astutuli, 1965.

10. Angel in the storm, 1962.

11. The Wheel, 1965.

12. Musica Viva, 1960.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Carleton E. Watkins. Photographs of the Columbia River and Oregon taken between 1867 and 1870

1, 2. Castle Rock, Columbia River
3, 4. Cape Horn, Columbia River
5. Cape Horn near Celilo
6. View on the Columbia, Cascades
7. Rooster Rock, Columbia River
8. Eagle Creek, Columbia River
9, 10. Multnomah Falls, Columbia River
11. Lower Multnomah Falls, Columbia River
12. Mt. Adams from Sunset Hill, Dalles City
13. Dalles City from Rockland, Columbia River
14. Willamette Falls, Oregon City
15. Islands in the Columbia, Upper Cascades
16. The Passage of The Dalles, Columbia River
17. Ruins of the High Bridge, Columbia River