Sunday, December 12, 2010

Design and build with Nature

1. Egyptian boat builders use natural bend of trees to cut boat beams, using log's grain for maximum strength.

2. A village built on top of waterfalls. Slunjcice, Croatia.

3. Burma, building a temporary theater using bamboo.

4. Wagon, Cambodia.

5. J. C. Cram sod house, Loup Country, Nebr., 1886.

6. Carpathian mountain house.

7. Limetree cottage, East Hagborn, Berkshire.

8. Ivy Dome. This concrete dome, covered with ivy and blending beautifully with surrounding land was built by Burton and Katherine Wilson and designed by John Watson.

9. Traditional style one room house of Highland Mayan of Chiapas.

10. Bob Lander built a log-frame dome covered with shakes on an island in British Columbia.

11. Samoan Chief's House.

12. Berber tents at tribal gathering "Fantasia" in Moroccan mid-plains area.

13. Banani, a cliff-debris village of the Dogon people of Timbuktu.

14. Looking down on Banani.

15. Caves at Massafra.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) - Mountains and Water: the Image of Permanence.

1. Mount Fuji seen from the Miho beach.

2. Mount Fuji seen from the Mountains.

3. Mount Fuji seen from the Mishima Pass in Kai Province.

4. Rocks, Cliffs and Caves.

5. Rocks, Cliffs and Caves.

6. The Eddies of Naruto Off the Awaji island.

7. Waves and Cannon Shots.

8. Waterfalls.

9. Waterfalls.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black Gods - photographs by Daniel Lainé

1. Initiated on a bed of leaves during the journey to the land of the dead to meet the Bwiti ancestors - Libreville region, Gabon.

2. The Sorceress - Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Hogon, the priest of Lébé - Bandiagara, Mali.

4. Baluba boy with pearls (each pearl representing a member of his family) - Democratic Republic of Congo.

5. Griot playing balafon - Gambia.

6. The Eze Izombe (The priest that sees the spirit of the dead) - Amakpu, Imo, Nigeria.

7. A masked healer - Ivory Coast.

8. Gadget of the voodoo ritual - Togo.

9. This woman must not leave the rope that binds her to the gods, to not reveal the secrets that protect the voodoo - Kumasi, Ghana.

10. The child sorcerer of Kinshasa - Democratic Republic of Congo.

11. Bwiti adept. He can talk with deads by eating the sacred plant called "Iboga". - Gabon.

12. Woman possessed by Legba, the protector of villages and roads - Lomé, Togo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seascapes - Photos by Gustave Le Gray

1. The Great Wave (Sète), 1857.

2. Mediterranean Sea (Sète), 1857.

3. Brick in the Moonlight, 1856.

4. Two Ships Heading Away from Shore (Le Havre?), ca. 1856 - 1857.

5. The Steamship, ca. 1856 - 1859.

6. The Ship Leave the Port, ca. 1856 - 1857.

7. Large Wave, Mediterranean Sea, 1857.

8. The Effect of the Sun (Le Soleil Couronné) - Normandy, 1856.

9. The Sun at its Zenith, Ocean - Normandy, 1856.

10. Packet boat, Ocean, 1856.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


1. Effigy of Richard I from his tomb in Fontevrault Abbey.

2. The tomb of Henry II in Fontevrault Abbey.

3. Effigy from the tomb of the Black Prince in the Trinity Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral.

4. Gilded bronze tomb effigy of Queen Eleanor by William Torel, in Westminster Abbey.

5. Effigy of King John in Worcester Cathedral.

6. Bronze gilded effigy of Henry III by William Torel, in the chapel of St Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey.

7. The tomb of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York by Pietro Torrigiano in the Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey; completed c. 1518.