Friday, January 31, 2014

Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Libyan and Algerian Sahara

1. Garamantian chariot pulled by two horses - Wadi Tashwinat valley, Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

2. Ritual dance - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

3. Ox with lyre-shaped horns - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

4. Bovine couple with curved horns - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

5. Men, women and children with their cattle herd - Djebel El Aouénat.

6. Two masked hunters - Asadjan-oua-Mellen (Central Tassili, south-east Algeria).

7. Men and gazelles running - Tin Amrar.

8. Man with a feather headdress, a snake charmer, a man with a neolithic plow - Ta Tekrori.

9. Garamantian chariot surrounded by male and female figures - Tin Ouba Teka.

10. Cattle herd - Djebel El Aouénat.

11. Cattle herd - Ouan Bender.

12. A  herd of Hyppoitraginae (quaternary fauna) - Ouan Bender.

13. Scenes of everyday life of ancient Saharan populations - Oua Molin, Libya.

14. Conical construction with rooster, date palms and warriors armed with javelins. - Oua Molin, Libya.