Sunday, May 23, 2010

Japan - Sarasa Shima textile patterns


bolingo69 said...


I also love the Indian handloom textiles, I can only wear cotton I'm afraid and I have been worried at the amounts of pesticides used for production.

Still most of my clothes fortunately are made of Khadi that I made years ago before I knew that I should have qualms about it. Great material it is, however happy I would be walking as I came to this earth, no one escapes the "rules of the community" and I am afraid freedom of expression cannot be worth much if one is not even allowed to hide adhere to these rules after ones own tastes and preferrances. Now there are even demands for bans on various pieces of clothings, just when I was thinking of getting a burkha ;-)

Great patterns, and here is a link to an interesting article on the subject of cotton weaving and weft

More to read

Janas said...

Thank you Bolingo, for this interesting review.

I have scanned the introduction from the book "Sarasatic Design Collection" by Kamon Yoshimoto.

General information about WASARASA with particular emphasis on colour SARASA prints on paper.