Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Images from a Lost World

1. Onas family - Tierra del Fuego.

2. Adornments. Solomon Islands.

3. Andaman Boy with his father's bones (Andaman Islands, India).

4. Dogon ritual dance masks - southeast of Timbuktu, Mali.

5. Hmong (Meo) women in wedding clothes. Vietnam (Tonkin).

6. Two Moi tribesmen in a hut built on piles, southern Annam, Vietnam.

7. Algonquin shaman, Canada.

8. Aboriginal people with their shaman and sacred pole, Australia.

9. Group of Ainu people, Japan.

10. Araucanian graveyard, Chile.

11. Cleaning wells. Southern Tunis.

12. Eskimos with their tent make of skins, Greenland.

13. Indian turner.

14. Young Abyssinian playing the lyre.

15. Woman in mourning, Madagascar.

16. Fetish Priest Hazena. Niger.

17. Sakai boy blow the dart from the sumpit (blowgun), Malaysia.

18. Two Patamona indigenous build a boat, Guyana.