Friday, January 31, 2014

Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Libyan and Algerian Sahara

1. Garamantian chariot pulled by two horses - Wadi Tashwinat valley, Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

2. Ritual dance - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

3. Ox with lyre-shaped horns - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

4. Bovine couple with curved horns - Acacus (Fezzan), southern Libya.

5. Men, women and children with their cattle herd - Djebel El Aouénat.

6. Two masked hunters - Asadjan-oua-Mellen (Central Tassili, south-east Algeria).

7. Men and gazelles running - Tin Amrar.

8. Man with a feather headdress, a snake charmer, a man with a neolithic plow - Ta Tekrori.

9. Garamantian chariot surrounded by male and female figures - Tin Ouba Teka.

10. Cattle herd - Djebel El Aouénat.

11. Cattle herd - Ouan Bender.

12. A  herd of Hyppoitraginae (quaternary fauna) - Ouan Bender.

13. Scenes of everyday life of ancient Saharan populations - Oua Molin, Libya.

14. Conical construction with rooster, date palms and warriors armed with javelins. - Oua Molin, Libya.


Janas said...

Scans source: Attilio Gaudio - Fresques du Fezzan Libyen. Peintures rupestres préhistoriques du Sahara Algéro-Lybien. Mémento Thérapeutique Latéma (portfolio), 1960.

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Thanks so much. Really beautiful.

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Alex said...

beautiful & interesting but hard to believe those are so well conserved... there have been stories of re-painted cave drawings... am I too suspicious??? anyway thanks for the post!

Janas said...

Welcome, Alex and thanks for the comment. These paintings are simply beautiful and have an inner strength, for me that's all that matters.

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