Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rural tools

Old italian rural tools
1. Old weeding hoe (Val d'Ossola)
2. Billhooks (Val d'Ossola and Puglia)
3. Beet fork (Emilia and Po Delta, 19th century)
4. Stable Candlesticks (Northern Italy)
5. Hemp-scutching machine (San Marino di Bentivoglio, Emilia)
6. Antique wrought iron broiler (Lombardy, 17th or 18th century)
7. Fire forks ( Emilia and Lombardy)
8. Double edged billhook (Puglia)


Janas said...

Scans source: Vittorio Fagone - Il Momento Artigiano. Aspetti della cultura materiale in Italia - Silvana Editoriale d'Arte, 1976.

Bob Burgess said...

The double ended billhook (No 8) looks more like those from Sicily - those from Puglia tend to be longer.... But having contacted an Italian edge tool makers some years ago, they stated they now sold the same pattern in both regions.... So I guess times change... For more on the billhooks from Sicily, see