Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sacred Mountains

1. Juan Rulfo - Paricutin volcano and the church of Parangaricutiro buried by the lava, Mexico, 1945-46.

2. Tadashi Namba - Mount Hiei, Japan, 1986.

3. Fred Boissonnas - second ascent of Mount Olympus, Greece, 1919.

4. Louise Weiss found - Huangshan, China, circa 1950.

5. Eric Dessert - Vardzia monastery, Dzavakhétie, Georgia, 1998.

6. Gotthard Schuh - Gunung Agung, Bali, Indonesia, 1938-1939.

7. Bernard Plossu - Taos Mountain, New Mexico, United States, 1978.

8. Theodore Vogel - Sajama, Bolivia, 2000.

9. Chihiro Minato - Uluru. Central Desert. Australia, 1997.

10. Andrew Martin - Borgo di Trapetto near Cammarata, Sicily, Italy, 1958.

11. Ferrante Ferranti - Canigou view from Albères, Oriental Pyrenees, France, 1989.

12. Kenro Izu - Mount Kailash, Tibet, 2000.


Janas said...

Scans source: Elisabeth Foch - Montagnes sacrées, Editions du Chêne 2005.

bolingo69 said...

Beutiful mountains, this summer again I visited Huangshan, picture taken one year before I was born. Reminded me of Santoka Taneda (wonderful poet!) who said: "Westerners like to conquer mountains; Orientals like to contemplate them. As for me, I like to taste them!"

he went on to say:

If here are mountains, I look at the mountains;
On rainy days I listen to the rain.
Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
Tomorrow too will be good.
Tonight too is good.

Here are some of his haiku's I love so much:

No more houses to beg from;
the clouds cover the mountains

Waking from a nap,
Either way I look: mountains..

In the mountain all day,
The ants too are marching.

Peace for the heart:
Life in the mountains.

To the mountains,
To the sky:
The Heart Sutra

Truly a mountainous country!
Only mountains, more mountains
And the bright moon.

I look down
On the sleeping village.

Just as I hoped;
Moonlight everywhere,
A night for crickets

I slipped and fell,
the mountains are still.

Throwing myself
Into the drenched mountains

The mountain stillness
Makes the rain still.

Rocks and large cliffs,
Covered with crimson leaves.

Passing over the mountains,
Again mountains, winter mountains.

Far, far away,
A bird crosses over
The snow-covered mountains.

The distant snow-covered mountains —
Completely cut off from the world of men.

In the space between the buildings—
Look at the mountain's greenness!

Settling down again;
The distant mountains
Covered with snow...

Destitute — melting snow
Drips slowly from the roof.

I open the window,
Full of spring

A beautiful spring has arrived,
Next to the cemetery.

What a splendid inn!
Mountains in both directions
And a saké shop in front.

Sometimes I stop begging
And gaze at the mountains.

The clear, cold, starry sky—
The mountain ascetics beat their drums.

The mountain becomes dark,
I listen to its voice

The breeze from the mountains
In the wind chime
Makes me want to live.

My heart is weary—
The mountains, the sea
Are too beautiful.

Mountains I'll never see again
Fade in the distance.

Nothing left but to die;
Mountains lost in mist.

I cling to death;
The pepper is bright red.

Going deeper
And still deeper —
the green mountains.

(wake itte mo wake itte mo aoi yama)

He was a great mendicant monk drunkard and poet that after his mothers death, together with his father had squandered the sake brewery they owned by drinking, turned to wandering all over Japan.
I share his taste in mountains!

Very nice post Janas!

Janas said...

Santoka Taneda! These are really beautiful verses, Bolingo. Thank you very much.

I really like this painting by Ma Lin (Song Dynasty, 13th century) titled "between the mountains", where you see two man of letters in contemplation of the mountains wrapped in mist. Essential.
Ma Lin

J. G. said...

gracias, excelente recomendación


Janas said...

Gracias por su visita, J. G.
Saludos desde Janas.

øשlqæda said...

lovely brother, i have tried in wain to write you privately. please send me an electronic mail. paz ~

Janas said...

Welcome back, brother Owl!
I will answer you as soon as possible. I have to arrange some things.

øשlqæda said...

no hurry. so nice to read you owlwaze dear brother & hope you are doing fine :)