Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black Gods - photographs by Daniel Lainé

1. Initiated on a bed of leaves during the journey to the land of the dead to meet the Bwiti ancestors - Libreville region, Gabon.

2. The Sorceress - Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Hogon, the priest of Lébé - Bandiagara, Mali.

4. Baluba boy with pearls (each pearl representing a member of his family) - Democratic Republic of Congo.

5. Griot playing balafon - Gambia.

6. The Eze Izombe (The priest that sees the spirit of the dead) - Amakpu, Imo, Nigeria.

7. A masked healer - Ivory Coast.

8. Gadget of the voodoo ritual - Togo.

9. This woman must not leave the rope that binds her to the gods, to not reveal the secrets that protect the voodoo - Kumasi, Ghana.

10. The child sorcerer of Kinshasa - Democratic Republic of Congo.

11. Bwiti adept. He can talk with deads by eating the sacred plant called "Iboga". - Gabon.

12. Woman possessed by Legba, the protector of villages and roads - Lomé, Togo.


Janas said...

Scans source: Daniel Lainé - Dieux noirs. Arthaud, 2007.

øשlqæda said...

utterly awesome

Janas said...

Thanks for the comment, Owl.

Sun Ira said...

These are striking and moving beyond my ability to describe. To me, they seem beautiful and mysterious.

Janas said...

I'm glad you like these photos.