Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marionetteatern Stockholm - Kung Ubu (Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi) directed by Michael Meschke. Stage design and puppets: Franciszka Themerson.


Janas said...

Ubu Roi (1964)
by Alfred Jarry
Translation: Sture Pyk
Music: Krzysztof Penderecki
Technique: Actors, masks and mixed puppet technique
Direction: Michael Meschke
Stage design and puppets: Franciszka Themerson
Guest artist: Allan Edwall as King Ubu (from 1965 Michel Meschke performed that part)
Guest performances:
1965 in Bucharest
1966 in Braunschweig, Rom and Aquila
1967 in Bremen, Haag (Holland Festival), Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Edinburgh (Edinburgh Festival)
1968 in Lund, Milan (Piccolo Teatro), Nancy (Festival Mondial du Théâtre), Munich and Kiel (Kieler Woche)
1969 in Oslo, Berlin, Toulouse and Belgrade
1970 in Reykjavik
1971 in Kopenhagen and Vienna (Wiener Festwochen)
1975 in Gütersloh, Bonn, Manizales, Bogotá, Caracas, Mexico City, Havana and Rennes
1988 in Sofia (1988 World Puppetry Festival), Nagoya (XV UNIMA Congress), Iida, Hachioji, Seoul and Manila
1989 in Reims
1990 in Dordrecht
(The performance was televised in 1972 by SVT, Sweden)

bolingo69 said...

As a just turned teenager, living 200 km away, I was not allowed to go alone to Stockholm. I did read Jarry that also appeared at the time in new editions, and I did see the Televised version 1972. And for culinary reasons I have always since been a ardent advocate of pâte à physique!

Wonder what music of Penderecki that was played?

Janas said...

Hi, Kung Bolingo!

I seem to have read that Ubu Roi voice is characterized by the combination of clarinet and trumpet and for the hysterical Mother Ubu are used the Bass clarinet and the English horn.

You can read a detailed review of Ubu Rex music here:

Penderecki - Ubu Rex