Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lavas, marbles and other stones from Vesuvius which were polished.

Sir William Hamilton - Campi Flegrei. Observations on the volcanoes of the two Sicilies as they have been communicated to the Royal Society of London, Naples 1776.


bolingo69 said...

The marbles of the lavas are beautiful (I remember some streets in Naples...) but so are "lichen"

I love to google that word in Images mode in google :-)

Thanks for these pictures so soothing to the eyes and soul...Like visual music...

Janas said...

Hi Bo!
I really enjoy to look at these pictures of lichens, their abstract palette colors and their magic fractal geometry.

Take a look at this beautiful illustrated book.

Histoire des lichens. Genre Sticta - Delise, Domenic François. d. 1841:


bolingo69 said...

Thank you Janas,

I did take a look and it is very beautiful indeed!

also do check out :

forward or backwards there are very nice illustrations...

Janas said...

Great amazement when looking to these splendid manifestations of biological art. Illustrations to reflect on the forms and the beauty of nature, source of inspirations for artists.

Thanks for the link!