Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vibrating air - sounds and signals

1. Michelangelo Pistoletto - performance view of "Le Trombe del Giudizio (The Trumpets of Justice)," Rome (1968). (Pictured: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Maria Poppi).

2. Egypt - Player of large arghul (Arghoul al-Kebir).

3. Syria - Player of Zamr (conical shawm that is called zurna in Turkey).

4. Zurla player (Yugoslavia).

5. Mismar player, Egypt.

6. Surnai player - Bombay.

7. Colombia - a notched flute made of animal bone.

8. Ethiopia - washint player.

9. Alphorn signal for spring - The "tulnic" is a variety of alphorn favoured by young women in western Transylvania.

10. Town crier blowing his small trumpet (Trumbitta da banditore) - Orani, Sardinia, 1958. (photo: Bavagnoli).

11. Kudu horn player, Chad.

12. Two ivory horns adorned with human jaw-bones (Benin. Ahwangbla Voodoo Orchestra).

13. Surle (zurla) players - Prizren, Kosovo (photo by Nico Staiti).

14. Musicians playing the karnay (long trumpets) in a Kyrgyz wedding celebrations. Early twentieth century photo (Le Vie d'Italia).

15. Suona player (Nanchang).


Janas said...

Various scans sources.
Some of these images are scanned from the books:
Alexander Buchner - Encyclopédie des instruments de musique, 1980.
Instruments de Musique du Monde - Editions de la Martiniére, 2000.

Miguel said...

Oh how I wish we could listen to the pictures too : )

thank you!

Janas said...

Ciao Miguel! Welcome back and thanks for the comment.

. said...

What a beautiful group of pictures. The evocation they rise has me wondering trying to look for the sounds.
So sad SFRP is gone. I wish someday you could post music again.
Greetings from Chile.

Janas said...

Hello dear José, thanks for the comment. Fortunately there is a lot of good music shared on blogs.
I wish you a Happy Easter!

PabloPiccox said...

Hi there!!!

Sorry to bother.. but i think i will make a t-shirt with "Alphorn signal for spring" .... could you re-scan it??? sorry if i am a pain in the ass!!!!!

is it possible???

cheers from argentina!

PabloPiccox said...

Also.. could you tell me where is this from and from where have you taken this??? cheees and thanks!

Janas said...

Hello, Pablo! Welcome on Chaudron.

This is the image source:
Rumanian Songs and Dances


PabloPiccox said...

thanks! but i can`t download it... is it very big??

thanks again for your help!

Janas said...

The pdf file is only 6,30 MB.
To save the file, just right-click and select 'save target as'