Sunday, February 5, 2012

Resemblance in Nature

1. Jellyfish - Photo L. Le Charles.

2. Pistil and stamen of a poppy - Photo C. Bille.

3. Bishop's Cones (Conus episcopatus) - Photo P. Auradon.

4. Orchid - Photo J. Vincent.

5. Flamingos - Fox Photos.

6. A mushroom called Scaly Sawgill (Neolentinus lepideus) - Photo J. Vincent.

7. The cold has drawn frost patterns on the glass - Photo Roger Viollet.

8. Algae - Photo Roger Viollet.

9. Starfishes - Photo L. Le Charles.

10. Carrion Flower (Stapelia mutabilis Jacq.) - Photo L. Le Charles.
Carrion flowers simulate the odor of a rotting carcass and attract carrion beetles and a variety of flies including blowflies, flesh flies and midges.

11. Oak galls at the beginning of their formation. - Photo J. Vincent.
A gall is an abnormal swelling of plant tissue caused by insects, microorganisms or external injury.

12. Galls develop on the leaves after the bite of a midge - Photo J. Vincent.

13. Crocodile skin.

14. Artichokes covered by the snow - Photo J. Vincent.

15. Sand dune - Photo Weston.

16. Zebra's coat - Photo Weston.

17. The Harp Shell surrounded by a succession of bourrelets (bearing rings). - Photo P. Auradon.

18. Polyporus Sulphureus is a mushroom commonly called Chicken of the Woods. - Photo J. Vincent.


Janas said...

These images were scanned from the book: Maurice Déribéré - Images Etranges de la Nature - Editions de Varenne, 1951.

. said...

Hello Janas. This post is beautiful. I am back here to ask you for some more Bulgarian reposts down there in skafunkrastapunk. I am anxious to hear "Song of the Crooked Dance - Early Bulgarian Traditional Music, 1927-42" and "The magic of the Bulgarian music folklore. Balkanton, volume 3" that you posted there. I am very thankful for the last repost you did for me, "Magic of Rhodopa Mountain". I have a special feeling with Bulgarian traditions.
Thank you very much its always a joy to walk your blog.
José, Chile.

. said...

I am sorry it would be grat to have also the first two volumes Bulgarian Musical Folklore. Anyway, anything yo post will be much appreciated. Thanks again. Best to you!

Janas said...

Hello, Jose! Thanks for the appreciations. The original posts have been updated with the new links.
Unfortunately I don't have the other "Bulgarian Musical Folklore" volumes.
For any other re-up requests, please send me a pm on sfrp.


. said...

¡¡Muchas Gracias for the quick reply!!
I'll be all over them in a few minutes. From now on I will contact you through SFRP regarding stuff like this. Thanks again for you kind work divulging great art. Feel free to ask me about Chilean music, i am far from an expert but could recommend some great stuff.

Janas said...

De nada, Jose!

Thank goodness, menos mal! I do not like the music experts. Thanks again for your kind words.