Sunday, December 12, 2010

Design and build with Nature

1. Egyptian boat builders use natural bend of trees to cut boat beams, using log's grain for maximum strength.

2. A village built on top of waterfalls. Slunjcice, Croatia.

3. Burma, building a temporary theater using bamboo.

4. Wagon, Cambodia.

5. J. C. Cram sod house, Loup Country, Nebr., 1886.

6. Carpathian mountain house.

7. Limetree cottage, East Hagborn, Berkshire.

8. Ivy Dome. This concrete dome, covered with ivy and blending beautifully with surrounding land was built by Burton and Katherine Wilson and designed by John Watson.

9. Traditional style one room house of Highland Mayan of Chiapas.

10. Bob Lander built a log-frame dome covered with shakes on an island in British Columbia.

11. Samoan Chief's House.

12. Berber tents at tribal gathering "Fantasia" in Moroccan mid-plains area.

13. Banani, a cliff-debris village of the Dogon people of Timbuktu.

14. Looking down on Banani.

15. Caves at Massafra.


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øשlqæda said...

wow brother dawg, i live in a treehaus but would certainly consider setting up shop on a croatian waterfall. dig what the dogon peeps have done with the cliff debris too. & my, how yer sound tree is sprouting plentiful fruit of late. looking to harvest some upon my return to the nest. thanks for the inspiration, as usual :)

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Hello, brother Owl. Thanks for the comment, this should be of interest to you.
Tree House

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I'd like to add an aphelion shelter. Cheers Janas!

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Very well, Vaubu.
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Scans source: Shelter - Shelter Publications, 1973.