Monday, April 27, 2015

Geometry of the Folds - Masks, birds, animals.

Origami Artworks by Toyoaki Kawai

1. Female demon's mask.
2. Ravens.
3. Long-nosed goblin, Daruma, Fox mask.
4. Java sparrow made with thick, smooth "torinoko" paper.
5. Red and black mask, Two-faced mask. The red and black mask uses two different colors folded back to back.
6. Ray and Carp.
7. Devil's mask, Old man's mask, Deija devil's mask.
8. Swan, Standing crane, Flamingo. The standing crane is made of "mitsumata" paper while the flamingo is made of "saiun" paper.
9. Buddha's mask, Golden ghost's mask. Folkcraft paper was used for these masks.
10. Dinosaur and Snake.
11. Masks for Chinese opera.
12. Frog and Water Lilies.
13. Seagull, Bat, Pigeon, Parrot.
14. Butterfly and Caterpillars.
15. Turtle and Rabbit.
16. Cicada and Dragonfly.
17. Giraffe and Elephant.
18. Horse.


Janas said...

Scans source: Toyoaki Kawai - Origami (Hoikusha Color Books No.198) - Hoikusha Publishing Co. Osaka, Japan. First edition, 1970.

Carlo Giordani said...

Immagini bellissime!
Ci ho provato con l'Origami ma ... le mie mani sono così indietro :)

Janas said...

Ciao Carlo, sono contento che ti piacciano.