Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thrice borrowing the plantain fan (illustrated by Ma De)

Thrice borrowing the plantain fan - Illustrated and adapted by Ma De from the Chinese mythological novel, "The Pilgrimage to the West" attributed to Wu Cheng'en (Ming Dynasty). The story tells of the fantastic and perilous adventures of Sun Wukong, better known as the Monkey King and his brothers disciples led by the master Sanzang in search of the only fan that will extinguish the fire at Flaming Mountain.

 1. Princess has not kept his promise and runs away.

2. Sun Wukong and the Princess Iron Fan engage in a fierce battle.

3. Waving her fan, the Princess flies the monkey in the sky.

4. Sun Wukong lands on a mountaintop only the following morning.

5. Here Sun Wukong finds the Bodhisattva Ling Ji who gives him a magic pill that will stop all winds.

6. Princess, frightened, took refuge in the cave.

7. Sun Wukong turns into a fly to enter through a crack in the door.

8. Sun Wukong return to his party with the fan. 

9. Sanzang and his disciples decide to stop to rest.

10. Bull Demon and King Dragon are toasting.

11. The riding-beast of Bull Demon is tied to a pillar of the palace.

12. Bull Demon rides the Dragon.

13. Princess welcomes her husband.

14. The false Bull Demon, receives the confidences of the Princess.

15. Sun Wukong resumes its original shape and disappears in the clouds.

16. Sun Wukong arrived at the mountain, shaking her fan.

17. The people resume life as usual.


Janas said...

Scans source: La Montagne de Feu. Texte et illustrations: Ma De - Editions en Langues Etrangères, Beijing, 1980.

roberth said...

great site. i love these visuals.
about the sounds how does one know if you add new ones? do you?
i downloaded all the sounds and made cds using visuals from the site a few months ago. but my mind couldn't tell if you added new sounds. by the way the cd selections are some of my favorites.
thanks robert

Janas said...

Welcome back, Robert. Thanks for your appreciation. I add 3 tracks for each new post (usually one per month).

roberth said...

i think in the great ether
or whatever we must sit around and trade tracks. so here is some of the music i make a collaboration with the guitarist tom carter of the charalambides. enjoy

roberth said...

also the link for this one goes to some italian resort ad

Wedding Music in Tinerhir (Morocco) - field recording by Roberto Leydi. 1972

thanks robert

Janas said...

Hi, Robert,
unfortunately, some of my earlier posted tracks have broken links, I should have more time to re-up them. Wedding Music in Tinerhir, now works fine.
Thank you for the link of your interesting work with Tom Carter on the lunar eclipse, I appreciate this.

roberth said...

glad the link was down as i found the turgen alimotov track. i probably have it as he is one of my fav musicians in the world. do u know the book that talks about him.
100,000 fools of god?. great description of drinking vodka with him and playing all night.

Janas said...

I love Turgʻun Alimatov, for its naturalness and spontaneity. The ocora album is one of my favourite listening. Now, the link is up.
Have a nice day,

AC said...

Wow! Beautifully styled illustrations! They Look like from a vintage 1950's picture book. I like Journey to the West and I love such vintage/retro style!

Janas said...

Welcome AC, and thanks for the comment.