Sunday, June 29, 2014

Between Nature and Artifice (Sōfu Teshigahara - Ikebana Sōgetsu, 1962)

0. Book cover.

1. New study: The beauty of lines of brass wire. Materials: Brass wire & plate.

2. New study: Alike the beauty of lines of brass wire. Materials: Bleached broomcypress, bunch of palm nuts.

3. New study: Relief of flowers. Materials: Birch branches, black lacquer frame.

4. New study: Two persons. Materials: Pointed thin stick, plaster.

5. New study: Star tower. Material: Iron plate plastered.

6. New study: Sculpture. Material: Wire-netting plastered on the stone stand.

7. New study: Anything available for "Ikebana". Materials: White rice ball..."Mayudama". Purple, blue, black and red feathers.

8. New study: Root. Materials: Persimmon, chrysanthemum.

9. Theme: Artificial nature. Materials: Germ of flowering fern, blossoms of orchid. Container: Blue & white ceramic vase. Holder: One stright needle point holder "Kenzan".

10. Theme: Abstraction. Material: Blossoms & leaves of strelitzia. Container: Pale green pottery.

11. Theme: Bamboo and Iron. Materials: Bleached bamboo, iron wires.

12. New study: Super-technique. Material: Orchid. Container: White glass ware.

13. Theme: Prayer. Material: Allium. Container: Unglazed vase.

14. Theme: Deep bottom. Materials: Lotus fruit, dried statice. Container: Deep green irregular glass vase.

15. Exhibition.


Janas said...

Scans source: Sōfu Teshigahara - Ikebana Sogetsu. Fujingaho, 1962.

roberth said...

these scans are great. great sogetsu pieces.
thanks robert
the music selection is awesome too

Janas said...

You're welcome. Thank you for leaving a comment.